Sunday, December 23, 2012

About acceptance

"La asombrosa realidad de las cosas
es mi descubrimiento de cada día.
Cada cosa es lo que es,
y es difícil explicarle a alguien cuánto me alegra esto,
y cuánto me basta.
Basta existir para sentirse completo".

Fernando Pessoa
"The amazing reality of things 
is my discovery of everyday. 
Every thing is what it is, 
and it's difficult to explain to someone how much I welcome this, and how much is enough for me. 
Existing is just enought to make me feel complete."
Fernando Pessoa

Monday, September 17, 2012


“There is a secret bond between slowness and memory, between speed and forgetting.
A man is walking down the street. At a certain moment, he tries to recall something, but the recollection escapes him. Automatically, he slows down.
Meanwhile, a person who wants to forget a disagreeable incident he has just lived through starts unconsciously to speed up his pace, as if he were trying to distance himeself from a thing still too close to him in time.

The degree of slowness is directly proportional to the intensity of memory; the degree of speed is directly proportional to the intensity of forgetting”
Milan Kundera, Slowness

Monday, March 26, 2012

La Loba

Karma, 5-months-old she wolf, Granada 2012
"The work of La Loba is collecting bones. She collects and preserves especially what is in danger of being lost to the world. Her cave is filled with the bones of all manner of desert creatures: the deer, the rattlesnake, the crow. But her specialty is wolves.

She creeps and crawls and sifts through the mountains, and dry riverbeds, looking for wolf bones, and when she has assembled an entire skeleton, when the last bone is in place and the beautiful white sculpture of the creature is laid out before her, she sits by the fire and thinks about what song she will sing.

And when she is sure, she stands over the criatura, raises her arms over it, and sings out. That is when the rib bones and leg bones of the wolf begin to flesh out and the creature becomes furred. La Loba sings some more, and more of the creature comes into being; its tail curls upward, shaggy and strong.

And La Loba sings more and the wolf creature begins to breathe.
And still La Loba sings so deeply that the floor of the desert shakes, and as she sings, the wolf opens its eyes, leaps up, and runs away down the canyon.

Somewhere in its running, whether by the speed of its running, or by splashing its way into a river, or by way of a ray of sunlight or moonlight hitting it right in the side, the wolf is suddenly transformed into a laughing woman who runs free towards the horizon". 

Dr. Clarissa Estes, Women Who Run With The Wolves